Film Types

We have an extensive selection of quality glass films to cater to your individual needs. Choose from our full range of solar, thermal, safety, security, anti-graffiti, frosted or decorative films.

All our films provide a 99% UV barrier.

We only use top quality solar films, backed by manuafacturer warranties, guaranteeing you quality workmanship and service.

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Solar Films

Solar glass film has UV absorbers impregnated into the film. It is manufactured using highly sophisticated advanced technology and design to produce an effective cost effective product that protects against UV radiation damage and reduces heat and glare.

There are a multitude of solar control glass film products to choose from and we have the expertise to find you the exact glass film to meet your needs. This also includes a low-e window thermal film that helps retain warmth in the winter and cool air in the summer.

We have a wide range of colour options to choose from.

Solar films are effective in residential and commercial settings and provide an aesthetic solution for protecting furnishings from fading, controlling temperature or reducing heat and glare, while maximising natural light and views.

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Safety and Security films

Safety and security films are manufactured from multiple layers of special class polyester film bonded with propriety adhesives to form a heavy gauge, high tensile barrier when applied to glass surfaces.

Our clear or tinted safety and security films will strengthen your glass adding an almost impenetrable barrier without changing the appearance of the glass.

This range of film offers many benefits. Injury from flying shards of glass can be avoided by installing clear or tinted safety film, designed to maintain the pane in one piece following impact.

The dangers of breaking glass caused by events such as earthquakes, burglaries, bomb blasts or in the unfortunate event of a child running into a ranch slider door is minimised by applying safety film.

Our safety and security films also provide a cost effective way to upgrade non-conforming glass to meet the Australian & New Zealand ‘Human Impact’ Standard AS/NZS 2208 building compliance requirements.

We have the expertise to find the best film option for your particular situation.

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Anti-graffiti film

Anti-graffiti film is a clear polyester film with adhesive on one side and a tough patented scratch resistent coating on the other.

It can be applied to glass and other smooth non-pourous surfaces providing an effective removable and replaceable barrier against graffiti and intentional or unintentional scratches. When applied to glass it provides optical clarity and natural light transmission.

Anti-grafitti films provide a cost effective solution for many situations including shop fronts, bus shelters, public transport and buildings.

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Designer and Decorative Film

Decorative films are used extensively by architects, interior designers and fit-out consultants to achieve a desired look, transform a space, add colour, ambience and or character to a room.

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Our range of decorative films are versatile, cost effecive and used in a wide range of situations to achieve a desired affect and resolve issues such as privacy or safety. Whether you are looking for a printed design on frosted film, a contour cut design, decals, a company logo, whiteboard rejuvenation or a non reflecttive projection screen for a meeting room, we can recommend the best film for your situation.

We have an extensive range of decorative vinyls, frosted and opaque films that provide an innovative and flexible art meduim to achieve stunning visual affects on glass, and will satisfy your need for privacy, signage, glass manifestations or a creative edge.

We can apply almost any design to your clear glass windows, doors, panels, partitions, mirrors or smooth painted surfaces at home or in commercial settings.

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